The EI Process safety survey (EIPSS) is...

  • Unique
  • Comprehensive - applicable to all major hazard industries
  • Neutral - the Framework/Survey was developed with input from industry and its stakeholders
  • Independent - the Energy Institute (EI) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting good practice for the entire energy industry
  • Secure - designed from the outset to use the highest levels of security. All data is encrypted
  • Anonymous - only you know your position in the survey
  • Global

The EIPSS was developed in partnership with the EI, and is based on the EI publication High level framework for process safety management (EI PSM framework). This publication was developed in collaboration with industry and regulators and serves as the underlying framework for the EIPSS. The framework has been recognised by the UK Health and Safety Executive as good practice.

Key features of the EIPSS

Based on the EI PSM framework

The Survey is a web-based self-assessment tool that assesses your organisation on the 20 elements. Together, these define good process safety management:

  1. Leadership commitment and responsibility.
  2. Identification and compliance with legislation and industry standards.
  3. Employee selection, placement and competency, and health assurance.
  4. Workforce involvement.
  5. Communication with stakeholders.
  6. Hazard identification and risk assessment.
  7. Documentation, records and knowledge management.
  8. Operating manuals and procedures.
  9. Process and operational status monitoring, and handover.
  10. Management of operational interfaces.
  11. Standards and practices.
  12. Management of change and project management.
  13. Operational readiness and process start-up.
  14. Emergency preparedness.
  15. Inspection and maintenance.
  16. Management of safety critical devices.
  17. Work control, permit to work and task risk management.
  18. Contractor and supplier, selection and management.
  19. Incident reporting and investigation.
  20. Audit, assurance, management review and intervention

Each element contains a number of ‘expectations’. These define the activities your organisation should be doing to ensure that element is managed effectively. The EIPSS questions explore how well each expectation in each element is being managed.

Easy to use

Survey Input Screen

You can select the required element of the EI PSM framework to complete. For each element, you answer a number of multiple choice questions. The selected response is highlighted in order to avoid confusion and minimise input errors. The questionnaire screens are clear and simple to use, and your answers are saved automatically when leaving the screen.

Real-time and comprehensive

Input List Screen

There are 3 assessment types:

  • Preliminary assessment - an initial high level assessment to get a quick overview
  • Documentation – detailed assessment of documented arrangements
  • Implementation – detailed assessment of implementation of arrangements

Assessments can be completed by multiple users and over a period of time. You can monitor your progress in the completion of the survey for all three assessments.

Cross-industry benchmarking

Generate a report

Benchmark performance against your choice of peer group, including:

  • All industries (all survey participants)
  • Oil upstream
  • Oil downstream - refining
  • Oil downstream - distribution
  • Oil downstream - marketing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Power Generation
  • Wind farms
  • Power Transmission
  • Power Distribution
  • Upstream Offshore

Detailed reports

Report Graphing

Select from multiple report types, focusing on the 3 assessment types: preliminary assessment; documentation; and implementation.

You can focus on specific elements of the EI PSM framework, or get an overview across all elements.

The Overall Report provides:

  • Aggregated assessment of compliance with all elements of the EI PSM framework. Your performance is shown in blue against the performance of all other members of the selected peer group
  • A "drill down" to the result for each of the 20 elements of the EI PSM framework. This allows you to identify areas of strength and areas of weakness. Again, your results are shown in blue against the performance of the selected peer group. Performance quartiles of the peer group are also colour-coded to aid interpretation of results

In addition to the graphical representation, the results of the assessment are shown in tabular format.

You can drill down further into the individual expectations within each element of the EI PSM framework. This supports more detailed analysis, and the identification of areas of strength and weakness that should be addressed in order to improve HS&E and process safety performance.

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