Introducing the EI Process Safety Survey and benchmarking service.

The EI Process safety survey (EIPSS) is a web-based self-assessment tool that enables your organisation to:

  • understand its vulnerability to having a major incident
  • identify the location and scale of any gaps in your organisation’s arrangements for health, safety and environment (HS&E) and process safety management
  • demonstrate compliance to stakeholders
  • highlight areas of good performance
  • identify areas where improvement is required
  • benchmark performance against others

As a senior executive in a high hazard industry EIPSS assists you to understand how well the significant risks within your organisation are being identified and managed.

Failure to effectively identify and manage these risks could result in a major incident which may threaten people, environment, reputation, financial performance, and even the very future of your organisation.

How do you know it won't happen to you?

Recent incidents have demonstrated that, in addition to the immediate human, environmental and financial costs of these incidents, we are witnessing:

  • escalating effects upon the reputations of the companies involved, their senior executives and the industry as a whole
  • senior executives being called to account in public and under the gaze of the world's media networks
  • increased scrutiny by regulators and governments
  • a dramatic impact upon the share prices of the involved companies, causing some institutional investors to question the security of their investments

Knowing your vulnerability to major incidents is not just about good health & safety.
It is about maintaining the future integrity of your business.

How the EIPSS can help you...

The passing of time without a process safety incident is not necessarily an indication that all is well. Most well run organisations know how many incidents they had yesterday; however, the real challenge is to be able to answer the question 'How likely are we to have an incident-free day tomorrow?'

The two key questions for executives and managers at all levels are:

  1. How will we do that?
  2. How will I know we are doing it?

All too often the first two words used to answer these questions are 'I think...'; in reality this means 'I don’t know'!

Recent events have shown that such answers are no longer acceptable and that, from the top down, organisations need to be able to answer these two key questions with absolute confidence.

The EIPSS provides you with that confidence.

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